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Elegant Solution as relates to legal moves

Posted By: Pat MacNeil
Date: Tuesday, 25 March 2014, at 5:52 p.m.

In Response To: Elegant Solution as relates to legal moves (David Levy)

I'm with Daniel on this one, David. If you are POSITIVE one is cheating then it must be brought to the TD's attention. People make mistakes, it happens. But deep down inside if you KNOW it's NOT a mistake then, yes, you need to have a talk with the powers that be. BTW, I AM encouraged that you seem to think the percentage of players adopting this untoward strategy is not what it used to be but there will always be someone out there who's shuffling checkers as if they were playing the BackGammon version of "Three Card Monty". Anytime I see that I go into "Alert Mode".


PS. Just curious about one thing and would appreciate your thoughts. I know every Club has it's own way of doing things but, with regard to Chouettes, what is the most COMMONLY ACCEPTED practice if there is one. We would always play 5 a point with NO consulting whatsoever (Not even after the cube was turned). You lived and died with every Captain's decision. This was done, I was told, to prevent squabbling over plays and keep the game flowing. Also, there were no PUBLIC pip counts and nothing could be written down. Frankly, writing down the pip count (As one player tried to do once) really didn't bother me. The way I looked at it was if said player forgot the count, after a bit of consumption, then that player would start all over again thus wasting more time. Automatic doubles and Beavers/Raccoons were never instituted, although we could've, because we didn't want to see anyone get hurt. No one was really getting rich and no one really took a bath. This is how WE did it. Just curious if there is more of a UNIVERSAL practice or it's just whatever people decide. Thanks in advance.

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