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A difference in the rules--what's your take

Posted By: Stein Kulseth
Date: Thursday, 27 March 2014, at 7:52 p.m.

In Response To: A difference in the rules--what's your take (phil simborg)

1. If he just slides the dice, his move is not over. The rules say that his move is over when he *lifts" one or both dice. Moving the dice, unless as needed for moving checkers, is not allowed, though, so even sliding is an infriction, but hardly worth calling the TD for, unless it is a recurring problem, in which case I'd say a warning is called for.

2. The "Dead cube" rule does not specifically handle this situation, but I say that it is clearly the intention that cubing here should be disallowed, even to the point of being remedied after game completion (until result is reported and recorded).

3. You should be obliged to mention it and correct it. I know the rules do not specifically say so, but I think this is way beyond LM/NLM discussion.

This is akin to the situation where I am closed out on the bar, and my opponent bearing in happens to accidentally knock my piece off the bar and onto his 7 point, when picking up the dice. Should I be allowed to accept his error as a non-legal move?

4. With NLM this is up to the other player, as normal

5. He is out of luck. Of course. If he did so because he expected me to pick up his checker for him, then he is also a dork.

6. That would have to be *very clearly*, so "the verbal or physical acts may be interpreted as cube actions" could apply. Otherwise, and in most cases, no.

7. No. I may object to his speaking on my turn, and could well call the TD on him if it repeats, but it does not require him to take.

8. He should ask for permission to take the photo and I would require that he states his move first.

9. Basically, he must wait. But I think a player should be allowed to go while his clock is running though. (Against most of my opponents, I would allow the clock to be stopped as well, but that is because I know that they wouldn't ask unless absolutely necessary.)

10. Let the TD decide.

11. Yes, I think so, if the facts as stated are clear. You cannot let fast-rolling slide until it is especially beneficient to call it.

12. I once did. None of the players did mind. In fact both of them appreciated it. But I still think I was wrong, as spectator it is never wrong to keep one's mouth shut. I should have told the TD.

13. Same thing, tell TD

14. TDs discretion, it is basically an unsolvable problem - at least a problem where one solution will never be applicable in cases.

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