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Preferred dice size

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Friday, 28 March 2014, at 3:19 p.m.

In Response To: Preferred dice size (leobueno)

1/2" all the way and especially now that legal moves is becoming standardized to make it less harmful if you've missread your roll since your opp may catch it and since 99% of us left playing this Gentleman's game are honest and will say something playing legal moves.

9/16" is OK if the match is being streamed and if round cups are used and the cups are large enough to allow the dice to freely and randomly tumble about inside the cup when shaken.

Most round cups are large enough to allow for good random tumbling of 9/16" dice but many can't properly accomodate 5/8" dice. I do everything in my power to not play with 5/8" dice unless in a chou and with a baffle box since they are easier for those in the crew not very close to the board to see and since the baffle box hopefully mitigates some players' very poor and lazy shaking and rolling techniques. Additionally in a chou the dice come out of the box typically near the center of the board, making it a bit easier for the crew to see.

It is sickening to play with oval cups and large dice and someone who doesn't shake well and watch the dice simply plop out of the cup and stay on the side they landed on causing one to worry whether the opp is trying to improve his chances to roll what he needs. Maybe a decade ago I was playing a match using a guy's set and he may have had even 11/16" dice and he had oval cups and the worst feeble side to side little wiggle of a shake I've even seen from someone built like a lumberjack. After asking him to shake more vigorously a couple times and him not doing so, I finally showed him how to shake vigorously and ended up breaking his crappy oval dice cup!!

1/2" all the way.

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