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Another angle on the BBC documentary

Posted By: Art Grater
Date: Monday, 31 March 2014, at 5:45 a.m.

In Response To: Another angle on the BBC documentary (Bob Koca)

Yes, Dual-Duel.

There are a lot of messages that could result from following a group of players preparing For example, a segment showing one of the players coaching his or her child, teaching strategy and patience and focus. Or showing how preparation, hard work and a good night's rest pays off in tournament play. Or showing some competitors playing with their head and others playing with their heart.

Much if not most of the audience won't know how to play BG, so the expert doing voice-over for the match segment needs the skill set to explain the game without over-explaining it. No need to discuss gammon adjusted drop points, for example. We don't want to scare people off before they are hooked. Post-production editing can take a long time, so the voice-over doesn't need to be in real time (if the producer agrees). It could be well-thought out and edited, posted here for feedback, useful and otherwise. One of the things I like about BG is how much it mirrors real life, such as looking forward in a game instead of backwards, or how a hopeless situation can be turned around. That sort of commentary might resonate.

It's a unique opportunity to spread the game. Or it could be the opposite. If anyone is an avid watcher of BBC documentaries, their input would be invaluable. Is there a formula they follow? If every documentary has a hero, that is one thing. If every BBC documentary needs a villain, then somebody better watch out!

SA is a story within a story: While players compete to win the DD, this upstart tournament itself, newly hatched, strives to be the #1 tournament in the world. Whether that is true or not doesn't matter, this is TV.

Bill is the TD, and he leads the USBGF. That would be major publicity for the USBGF. San Antonio has the Alamo going for it, with the tournament literally next door to it. The Alamo is certainly well known around the U.S., at least it was when I grew up. I have no idea if Brits know about it; if they do that's a big plus for drawing viewers. It they don't, they will. Speaking of Brits, there should be at least one playing, so the BBC home viewers have someone to root for. Maybe the British clubs could run a satellite to send a player or two across the pond, whether or not any come on their own.

Some thought should be given to the optimal number of players. Maybe the more the merrier. Or maybe a limited field is more suited to a documentary.

It would be great if the audience saw someone going to the internet to find tournaments on CJC's calendar. I'll bet a lot of potential players don't know you can do that.

My final random thought for now is that SA already has some BG pre-publicity due to The New Yorker article.

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