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World Team - Your Druthers?

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Wednesday, 2 April 2014, at 6:13 p.m.

In Response To: World Team - Your Druthers? (Karl Frogner)

I think we should finally start living in reality, it is nice to remmember ex heroes and legends of the game but it is nice also to understand the game has change and thsoe players are not anymore into it as Jerry Grandell and Nack Ballard, even FT, who was at least kind of active at least few years ago, and the other two not. If they come back and show inetrest into this of course u can consider them but not now. And if the question is who deserves to be in the team now- the answer is kind of clear and i agree with MCG even if it sound a little bit egocentric

Forgetting nationality best players right now are MCG, Falafel, Mochy, Michy. Then if i start looking in Europe for someone who is regular, strong and willing to participate i hardly will find someone outside Scandinavia. So the obvious choice is USA and players who shows up results+ great play + are regular on the tour+willingness to participate are Petko and Victor. Bob Wachtel has proven himself from years both Europe and USA, he is not afraid to shows up. Bill Phipps is great player and soon all the people will realize this, for sure he deserves more credit then what he get comparing to some fake stars.< br> Also outside the question for me MCg is best player right now in the world PR-wise, he play live events a lot and his last 100 matches in my database are incredible 2.81! So for me he is obvious number 1 if i have to vote today.

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