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A true world competition

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Wednesday, 2 April 2014, at 10:22 p.m.

Looks like Denmark, the U.S. and Japan can all field 3-5 person teams comprised of high-level (around -4.0 players) players to compete, and there could probably be a 4th team from comprised of the best around-4.0 players from the rest of the world.

That would make a truly great 4-team competition some time some where.

In addition to the current types of games played, it would be fantastic to see a "swiss teams" type competition similar to bridge, where players from one team play one side of a game while the other members play a duplicate game on the other side, and compare results. This would require a form of duplicate backgammon, which exists (I have created such a format and done it at a couple of lectures in the past) whereby the participants are always looking at the same position and the same dice on every move. That would be, in my opinion, an ultimate test of skill and competition between the best players and nations playing backgammon in the world.

The obvious problem is the expense of getting all those top players to one place, and it would certainly be worth there while if there were sponsors to sweeten the pot. Because you already have so many of the participants going to Denmark every year, that is the most likely place for this to happen, but with some added hype, media coverage, and sponsorship, this could turn into a big, exciting event, and for those of us really interested in seeing the best of the best compete and what they do with certain positions, it would be really fun to watch and to study those position and see and hear commentary during the competition.

This is not going to happen tomorrow, but it is a nice dream for the future.

In the meantime, I will roll out Duplicate Backgammon in an upcoming lecture or two in the U.S. so more people can experience it and see how it truly is the ultimate test of skill. It's as close as we can come to seeing how each player will fare over the board in identical situations.

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