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OLM 20140406A -- The Prime Factors

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Monday, 7 April 2014, at 2:17 p.m.

In Response To: OLM 20140406A -- The Prime Factors (Jason Lee)

The Dilly Builders vs. The Prime Factors

Click any move to see the position.

Game 1   9-away, 9-away   Dilly Builders: 51S-54S-42P-61P-33A-F-C-P
Game 2   8-away, 9-away   Prime Factors: 52S-64H-62U-41P-21$-41U-F-N-42P-52C-C-T-41P-31P-31H-32H-F-22N-51S-X-11n-31H-52U-F-R-P
Game 3   8-away, 7-away   Prime Factors: 64S-61P-52U-51H-44P-41A-42H-51S-N-55M-64H-N-F-N-43H-F-C-P
Game 4   7-away, 7-away   Dilly Builders: 63S-42H-41S-61$-41H-54@-55A-F-N-32C-F-32D-55H-42E-32O-61H-43U-63O-53E-65S-21K-63H-C-52

White is The Dilly Builders

score: 2
pip: 115
9 point match
pip: 166
score: 2

Blue is The Prime Factors
Blue to play 52

S = bar/20, 13/11

I’m not too sure about this one.

My first thought was to launch another checker into the outfield with R = bar/23 20/15. We need to establish—and try to keep—outfield control. I would be comfortable with leaving three blots in the outer boards, but I cannot say the same thing about leaving a triple shot on the 23pt. Giving the Dillies an invitation to unstack and hit loose inside is an invitation they will gladly accept. For that reason, I opted to enter on the 20pt.

That left three ways to play the 2: 20/18, 13/11, or 10/8. A blot on the 18pt is not as valuable to us as a blot closer to the midpoint would be, so I eliminated that candidate. 10/8 is the safe play, but I chose 13/11. Leaving a blot on the 10pt risks getting hit when the Dillies roll a 64, but gives us a double shot at the escaping checker when they roll 54, 61, 62, or 63. In addition, by leaving a blot on the 10pt, we preserve the opportunity to make that point.



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