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Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Tuesday, 15 April 2014, at 7:02 a.m.

In Response To: 63S-65K-1-C.–4–p (Taper_Mike)

What Blue gains by doubling is that he can efficiently cash here. If he waits, White's position could easily get a bit stronger, giving her a take. Conversely, if she already has a take (which I'm guessing she does not), Blue should double so that he doesn't lose his market.

In the above paragraph, I haven't proven that Blue isn't too good to double (or for that matter that he is good enough -- though I'd bet on double/pass). I'm just saying that I don't resonate with the characterization that Blue has little to gain by doubling.

By the way, I usually omit the minus sign before the "c" or "p," regardless of whether it's the first player or the second player. It's optional, but I tend to be a minimalist, given the opportunity. ;)

For those who might not know, "c" (or –c or –1c) is short for the –1 Crawford score, and "p" (or –p or –1p) is short for the –1 post-Crawford score.

Thus, Dmitriy's subject header of 63S-65K-1-C.–4–p (which with one fewer character might instead be written 63S-65K-1-C.–4p) means that White had an opening roll of 63 and played S (Split, 24/18 13/10), Blue rolled 65 and played K (Kill, 13/7* 6/1*), White entered with just a 1 (fanning with the other checker), and Blue considers C (Cubing) -- with a score of Blue at –4 (needs 4) and White at –p or simply p (needs 1, post-Crawford).

Dmitriy used the modern file-naming format (which is also nice textual brevity) by inserting a dot/period between the Nactation sequence and the match score. An alternative sometimes seen is to replace the dot with "at" or @ (at sign) with a space on either side of it.


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