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It's time we had our own "Grand Slam"

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Wednesday, 16 April 2014, at 11:40 a.m.

Since there isn't an international "ruling body" or "international federation" for backgammon, until that time, I think can, by almost universal agreement, select a few of the major events in the world of backgammon and make them part of the "grand slam" of Backgammon. This would make winning at any of these events more prestigious and if someone were to win more than won, an even higher achievement. Anything that brings more interest, importance, and fun to the game is good for the game.

So I propose that the following be "universally adopted" as part of the grand slam of Backgammon:

The Nordic Open The US Open The Japan Open Monte Carlo World Championships

Now, there certainly could be some claims made by other events in England, Cyprus, Turkey, Novi, San Antonio, and Chicago, by virtue of their international appeal and participation, that they should also be considered a part of the Grand Slam, but if the list gets too big, it dilutes it.

So, I am not throwing this out there as an "edict" that the world accept my "declaration" but rather as a recommendation to see if the majority of truly knowledgeable (and caring) people in the game agree with me that this is a good concept and agree that the above 4 is an appropriate place to start.

Once we have a formal, international group or governing body, they can determine the criteria for a true Grand Slam and what that means. I would hope that some day, for example, a portion of the entry fee of every legitimate tournament (maybe only $1 or $2 to start with) goes into a pool to reward any player that wins 2 Grand Slams in a single year, and that the pool continues to grow and accumulate every year until that happens. (Maybe 3?) Then, after 10 years if no one has one 3 grand slams, the money goes to fund a special "Tournament of Champions" whereby anyone who has won a Grand Slam in the previous 10 years can compete.

Again, this is fun and adds to the excitement and public interest in the game. (I know it will only, in the end, benefit a few top players, like me, who have a chance to win this, so for those of you who like to criticize everything I say as self-serving, I am admitting, in advance, that I plan to win this myself.)

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