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It's not about cheating

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Friday, 18 April 2014, at 5:15 a.m.

In Response To: Thanks for doing this! (Christian Munk-Christensen)

We use the box every day in our chouette. If we suspected anyone in our game to be a cheater, they wouldn't be allowed in the game.

The box is about not having dice thrown on the floor; virtually reducing cocked dice; not worrying about whether people shake the dice enough or whether the dice hit their fingers or their cup hits the table and interferes with a fair and complete roll. The box is about aesthetics, as many of us believes it adds to the beauty and flow of the game.

People who have not tried it hate it. Some people who have tried it still hate it. Most like it and once they get used to it prefer it strongly.

Offering a baffle box is not at all a suggestion that there are concerns about cheating, any more than asking your opponent to shake his dice properly and roll properly is suggesting that he is a cheater...we just all want to relax about the rolls and be comfortable knowing we are getting random dice.

In speed gammon or where you use clocks, baffle boxes can save time because of the lack of cocked dice.

Now, one more point that has nothing to do with baffle boxes: how do you know you don't have cheaters in Denmark? One can never be sure, anywhere. To make a blanket statement that you don't have cheaters is naive. Especially when there are known cheaters that have played at the Nordic Open and elsewhere, and especially since there might well be cheaters we haven't identified yet.

Nothing wrong with keeping an eye out and having a little extra protection, and yes, baffle boxes do make it more difficult to cheat and virtually eliminates some of the forms of cheating that are possible when the box is not used.

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