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Just wondering ... price ballpark

Posted By: Stick
Date: Wednesday, 14 May 2014, at 5:05 a.m.

This is a question for anyone who wants to answer, not limited to the people who do purchase lessons of any sort. I know everyone out there has bought books and has an opinion so please share.

What I am wondering is if there is a market and what that market price range is for annotated matches. Specifically the first ones I'm starting with are all the matches from the 2014 Denmark v. The World event.

This would include 26 dmp matches, 16 speed matches, 4 singles matches, 2 doubles matches, and the final which this year was only one interesting game. All the match files have already been made available. In the future if I were to continue annotating matches I would still release the original file with XG base analysis for free. Don't worry that this will ever have an effect on me transcribing or releasing match files.

The annotated matches would be analyzed on XGR++ where applicable and any real decisions within' .020 (give or take, more towards the take part) would be rolled out a minimum of 1296 trials and depending on the results, remaining variance, etc...extended from there. I say 'real' decisions because of course I'm not going to roll out every bear in play that's obvious or some third candidate move that's just a variant of either Play A or Play B but clearly inferior.

As for the annotation, it would be done in full. I don't know how else to put it but any play where I could see someone going the wrong direction I would include some analysis. If going through a match you trip upon a decision I didn't comment on you could email me of course and alert me to it and I'd correct it. The amount of work would be roughly equivalent to that of many books released in the past by Kit Woolsey (Lidov v. Heinrich, Greiner v. Marmorstein, Sylvester v. Ballard), by Ortega & Kleinman (BG w/the Giants Neil Kazaross), Malcolm Davis' Praxis series, and MatchQiz which was available through Snowie done also by Kit. Since it's not a book I skirt the formatting and paying a publisher but otherwise it's a lot of work.

So, do you think the interest is out there especially if made available? Do you have a recommendation for the price of a single match let's say of 15 points of normal length? How about a specialized collection of matches like I'm currently doing with Denmark v. The World? Would anyone submit your own matches for annotation?

I have a lot more questions, some you can probably guess and feel free to answer them, but I don't want to overwhelm initially more than I already have. Thanks for the feedback.


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