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Congratulations are in order

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Tuesday, 27 May 2014, at 2:06 p.m.

To the winners in Chicago:

Frank Raposa winning the ABT marathon against some very strong competition.

The other 7 survivors of that format. See tournament results @ chicagopoint.com

Saba B for winning the T of C, against all recent winners!

Gerry Tansey for quietly reaching the finals of that event, as he did the last tournament he played in too, I believe. He is very good, (and very quietly so).

Malcolm Robertson for another solid performance cashing in his second consecutive ABT event, despite travelling from the UK. (He is not so quiet) lol.

Backgammon's infrastructure is ever improving, and that is easier to see when one doesn't attend an event. Bill Davis put a link to results in the American Backgammon Tour facebook page. That link had information posted by TD Rory Pascar. It was posted in real time, and gave valuable updates to those interested in them. This is a positive development reflecting the infusion of youth. ie: Howard Markowitz and many other directors lack the techno savvy or inclination to do this.

Meanwhile apparently both at the event and back at the ranch, (Stick's site), people were transcribing and posting matches of interest.

To get those matches they accessed streaming video, I guess. Though I didn't avail myself of that particular feature this time, it is becoming more popular and widespread. As I understand it, the only downside to streaming video is that it is by no means free. I have heard that it costs as much as $500 per weekend. Some directors ask for contributions and some don't, but it you enjoy having your match streamed or being able to watch a tournament match you are particularly interested in from your room, or while you are at home convalescing ala Neil Kazaross... It has value for you. So, it seems like players who enjoy this feature ought to consider seeking out the TD and contributing something to that cause. I have contributed up to $50 in the past but I think $10 or $20 would be very much appreciated by those involved and of course it should be commensurate with your own personal budget, and your level of exposure.

I would personally like to thank those of you who have improved and contributed to Backgammon's infrastructure. It's always getting better!

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