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My Backgammon Shitlist

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Friday, 30 May 2014, at 8:43 p.m.

In Response To: My Backgammon Shitlist (phil simborg)

Same shit different names and game. It's human nature. This is trivial compared to the "Pool world".

I'm sure the tiddly winks players have their issues too. At the end of the day it changes nothing, people play their game, win or lose.

Some people take sides. I have learned not to do that. only took me 25 years in pool to figure that out-i'm a slow learner I suppose.

If someone has something to say, I hope they say it. If they dont then thats cool too. I'm not going to knock either side. I aint involved-like Switzerland.

On the topic of gambling and not getting paid, I do have a VERY STRONG opinion on that. since I have gambled at pool since I was a kid, hell we had 2 tables in high school i gambled on everyday. If you don't get paid its your own fault. Managing your action is as important as winning, simple as that. Winning with bad management is the same as losing.

FWIW I been on lots of shit lists in pool, I have drafted and posted them as well-for my own reasons, which I never chose to share. I'm taking all the learning from my mistakes in pool and making sure I dont do the same in BG. Having said that I have no problem with others who have shitlists-it's their right to say what they want and have the nuts to say it-right or wrong is only a opinion. I have no opinion of this list. A couple things were kind of funny and the "getting stiffed in action" are the only things that caught my attention. And I'd bet everything i could beg borrow and steal-nobody gives a damn what i think.

on that note, hope everyone is well,


Eric 8-)

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