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What would you pay?

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 17 June 2014, at 12:45 a.m.

What if there were a version of XG that, for the first three moves, not only told you what was right, but you could click on a button and get either a written or verbal explanation of why the best play is best? And it would tell the logic for all 4 kinds of scores (U, D, G S).

Now, I know that many on this site are extremely top players and even Giants or as good at the giants, and I know the value of this would not be that great for those players (though that is debatable to a degree). And I know that beginners, unless they are highly studious and ambitious, would not pay much for software of this nature. So what about your average serious player?

Let me make it easier to answer. Keep in mind the price is the additional cost for adding this feature to the existing XG software that is already paid for.

Would you pay:

a) no more than an additional $100.00

b) no more than an additional $75.00

c) no more than an additional $50.00

d) no more than an additional $25.00

Question 2: what if there were a service where you could send in your match of 7 points and have a truly qualified expert annotate it for you, discussing all errors and the most interesting plays and cube decisions in the chat screen, and returning the match to you.

Would you play:

a) no more than $100.00

b) no more than $75.00

c) no more than $50.00

d) no more than $25.00

e) no more than $10.00

Neither of these options are currently available, but both are being discussed and your answers might give a clue to the cost/benefit of these products.

Any additional thoughts/ideas/comments are appreciated in addition to getting your price thresholds.

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