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Advice Sought

Posted By: Kathy Weiner
Date: Tuesday, 24 June 2014, at 9:22 p.m.

When we hold the next Florida State Championship October 23, we plan to introduce a new event, the World Cup Chouette Challenge. This will be chouette at a tournament level. We have developed a set of rules, and would appreciate feedback and constructive criticism from the community. Thanks for reading!

Backgammon: World Cup Chouette Challenge Rules

The Chouette Challenge is a form of backgammon tournament incorporating some popular concepts from poker tournaments. The following description contains the rules for the Chouette Challenge. These rules are meant to guide play throughout the tournament. Any need for explanation, interpretation or penalty assessments for violations must be brought to the Director. Any challenge to the Director’s ruling may be brought to the three member rules committee for review. All three committee members are needed to override Director’s decision. The committee members will include Stacy Turner, Ray Fogerlund and one to be named later. Specific Chouette Challenge rules: Each player entered in the Chouette Challenge starts with 50 points. When their bank is no longer positive, a player is eliminated from the challenge. New entries are allowed through the second session. A player ‘all in’, may not win more than the amount at risk. Re-entries (rebuys) are allowed though the fourth session. The player re-entering must do so immediately. The tournament is divided into sessions, each 40 minutes. All players are expected to play in all sessions, but one session may be missed. The missed session may not be determined after chouette assignments are made. Each player must play at least 30 minutes of every session played. If discussion amongst the team or slow play from the box is causing the chouette to not move forward reasonably, the Director may limit the time allowed for the move to one (1) minute after the dice are tossed. At this point, the move must be promptly completed. The cube for all games in a session will start at the following levels: • first session -- cube out of play • second session – cube at 2 • third session – cube at 4 • fourth session – cube at 8 • fifth session – cube at 16 • sixth session – cube at 32 • seventh session and subsequent sessions – cube starts at 64.

Set up each session: All entrants will be randomly grouped into chouettes ranging from 3 to 6 players by the Director. Each session will start promptly and all chouette sessions will continue for 40 minutes. No new game will start after the 40 minute mark. Order of play: To start, each player throws two dice and in the event of a tie there is a reroll. The player rolling highest becomes the box and plays against all the others who form a team. The second highest becomes the captain of the team. The captain rolls the dice and makes the plays for the team. When the box wins a game, he collects from each member of the team. Then the captain goes to the back of the line and the next player on the team becomes the captain. When the team wins, the box pays off to each team member. Then he goes to the back of the line and the captain becomes the new box. A new player starts at the bottom of the rotation. Consultation: Consultation amongst the captain’s team is limited to those players whose cube has been turned. If discussions are protracted, the Director may limit discussion to one minute after dice are tossed. At that point, the move must be made. The Cube: The Chouette Challenge will be played with multiple cubes. Each player will have their own cube. Cube decisions are made without consultation, in the playing order. If the box doubles, each team member must decide, on their own, whether to play on or drop out. Those who drop out each pay off to the box and no longer participate as team advisers. If the captain drops out while there are others on the team who wish to play on, the captaincy is assumed by one of these players and the previous captain drops to the bottom of the rotation. For the first turn of the cube, the box must double all team members. Thereafter cubes can be offered to any opponent. The box may double the individual team members, and each team member can decide whether to take or drop and when to double the box. A player retains the box if he defeats the captain. Beavers are allowed. Extras: The rule is that when a single player accepts the box's initial double he is obliged to accept an extra 2-cube from any team member that wishes to pay him one point. If he refuses an extra, he must resign the game. The receiver of an "extra" now owns multiple cubes which he may use individually to redouble, and which he will eventually pay on or collect from in the usual way. Extras may be offered later, but may be refused.

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