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OLM Start of Match

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Wednesday, 2 July 2014, at 1:54 a.m.

The next team OLM is about to begin. The teams are essentially the same.

The Prime Factors remain unchanged: Bob Koca, Casper Van der Tak, Daniel Murphy, Fatboy, garyo, Havard Raddum, Igor, kruidenbuiltje, lenny, Seth, Steve Mellen, Stick, and Taper_Mike.

The Dilly Builders are losing three players: Cheryl Andersen, Konstantin, and Mr Majestyk. They will be replaced by Martin, scotty, and Wolfgang.

The new version of The Dilly Builders is now: AbbycazNZ, ah_clem, David Rennie, Keene, mandm1951, Martin, Mike Clapsadle, MishyPoo, neilkaz, roadkillbooks, scotty, willywonka, and Wolfgang.

The Captains, by popular acclamation, will remain Taper_Mike for The Prime Factors and MishyPoo for The Dilly Builders.

The new match will be 11 points.

Reminder about rules: You are expected to cast a vote prior to reading anybody else's vote. This means you should post a reply directly to my post, and not to anybody else's. I ask you all to make your vote super clear by offsetting it before or after your text. You are required to cast your vote for legal plays only.

The match will run the same as before. I am going to try to post a match file at the end of each game.



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