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Novi 2014 – Ben Friesen vs. Julius High – Illegal Move

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Sunday, 6 July 2014, at 7:42 a.m.

Ben Friesen

1O '2X2X '3X1X2X ' '1O2O

3X ' ' ' '5O2O4O ' ' '2X
Julius High, midpoint should have 3 checkers!
Position ID: bK7BADjg24MFIA Match ID: cAluAWAASAAE

Ben Friesen

1O '2X2X '3X2X1X ' ' '2O

2X ' '1X '5O3O4O ' ' '2X
Julius High
Position ID: bG7BADHguwcDIA Match ID: cAl7AWAASAAE


Ben Friesen vs. Julius High
39th Michigan Summer Backgammon Championships
Saturday, July 5, 2014
Open, Main Flight, Round 7, 11-point Match
Illegal starting position at 1:54:00
Video: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/49603202

In game 13 of the Round 7 match between Julius High and Ben Friesen, Julius failed to set up his checkers to the correct starting position. He began the game with only four checkers on his midpoint and a fourth checker on his 8pt. Neither Ben nor Julius noticed the error, which normally would have favored Julius.

In the short game, however, the error ended up costing Julius dearly. Had he begun with five checkers on his midpoint, then a 43 that he played on the 8th roll (i.e., his fourth turn), could have been used to make the 10pt. On his subsequent turn, those checkers would have made the difference. Ben had made his bar point, so when Julius rolled a horrible 66, it crunched his forward position. Had he owned the 10pt, he could have switched to the 4pt, and had a reasonable position. Instead, he played four checkers down to his 2pt, which was a quintuple blunder, and then passed the subsequent double. Due to his racing advantage, the cube was takeable. His pass cost around 0.09.

Using 41T to represent the illegal moving of a checker to the 8pt, the entire game can be nactated as below. Julius begins this sequence with 41T. In the actual game, Ben’s 52D was the first move. The score at the start of this game was Julius: 2-away, Ben: 5-away.


This game begins at 1:54:50 in the video.


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