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I don't think this is the best way to do it

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Thursday, 14 August 2014, at 12:13 p.m.

In Response To: Watch Paul Weaver attempt to join Mochy's Under 4 PR club (TarHeelFan)

I think the under 4 club is terrific. It really is quite an accomplishment to be able to play at that level, and I think players that make it to this club deserve as much or more recognition as making the Giant 32 list.

I also think that players who "declare" they are going to try to make it show confidence and guts and are willing to show the world they are not afraid to publicly fail, as sometimes even those great players will have a bad game or two or some huge blunders along the way.

At the same time, I believe this type of competition would be done separately from tournament competition. I would rather see players compete in a series of matches against XG instead of in a tournament setting. Say, seven to ten 11 point, recorded and monitored matches against XG, and averaging under 4 to make the club. By the way, I would have XG playing at a lower level than it's higher levels so that the cube action and checker play is not always correct and so that not all doubles are necessarily at the right time (and therefore often takes).

When Paul or Bob or others are trying to make the club while playing in a tournament, the human element is completely removed from their game. We will be watching people play not to beat an individual, but to beat the computer (or at least, tie it). They will not be playing to win the match, but to win the rating game. I think this takes away from the tournament/competition experience for both the players and the spectators. And I think the two games are different and require different skills. They should not be mixed, in my opinion.

I don't have to go into a lot of detail for most readers on this forum, but in short, this way of playing can greatly change cube decisions and many checker plays, especially when cubes either way may be a factor following a give checker play.

I really don't think this is what tournament competition is supposed to be about, and I would urge Mochy and any others who wish to design a competition based on PR to keep it separate from tournament play.

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