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gnubg - ‘Analyse -> Market Window’ function

Posted By: scotty
Date: Thursday, 14 August 2014, at 8:51 p.m.

In Response To: gnubg - ‘Analyse -> Market Window’ function (sebalotek)

I'm very much like you, struggling to understand many of the concepts behind the cube.

If you look at the market window analysis jpeg, you can see your take point immediately above the yellow highlighter. Notice also that your take point is equal to 1-(your opponents cash point).

I'll try to offer what i understand about the market window, and if I am incorrect in my understanding, i hope someone will step in to correct me, as i need to learn this also, and I certainly don't want to spread misinformation to others who use the internet, and this trusted forum.

The analysis shows your Double Point at about 50.3% and your Cash Point with fully live cube at about 76.9%. With the score at 7a 7a, i believe the cube is fully live here. If i understand the cube strategy correctly, you want to delay offering the cube until you are much closer to 76.9%, a point where you are much more certain to win the game, and get the maximum benefit from cubing. Of course, if your position continues to improve, and you wait too long, you might arrive at a situation where your opponent no longer has a take, and you have lost your market. So you want to cube before that happens. How much before? I really don't know! I have seen O'Hagens Law mentioned here, which states that you should cube when you have at least 9 market losing sequences in the next exchange. I hope i have stated that correctly. You can search for it on this site. It has been mentioned several times in recent months.

if you would like to see how the double point is calculated, you can find an example here


and Bob Koca's excellent reply, which simplifies things substantially, can be found at


Tom Keith has an excellent article here


Note that the market window table in this article, shows your drop point and your cash point, which is much different from your double point and your cash point.

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