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Some things to consider *long*

Posted By: mamabear
Date: Monday, 6 October 2014, at 10:38 a.m.

In Response To: Some things to consider *long* (Ian Dunstan)

Oik! Do you really think a director can draw players other than locals to a weekend tournament venue, when all they are going to do is play on computers--which they could have done from home? If it comes to that, you will lose me, in part because it doesn't appeal to me, but also because I spend way too much time on screens already. No need to go somewhere else to do more of the same. And if I still had any grandparents on this earth, I can assure you they wouldn't care at all if I got certified as some kind of International Whatzis by this means. (They'd probably politely ask, "What's backgammon?")

I'm personally fine with cameras and streaming, and of course will co-operate with any player who wants to become a candidate master or whatever. If that means the match has to be clocked when it wasn't required to be otherwise, that's also no problem--to me personally. But where I'm going here is that if someone is trying to get a title, all their opponents will now all be obliged to play on camera, which might make them quite uncomfortable. If it's a money-round match, maybe they just have to deal with it, but here's another problem for the director that Barry didn't bring up: How to convince a relatively new player to the Open, in the first or second round, that now he not only has to get used to a clock, but he also has to play on TV?

But I gotta appreciate your optimism about "our children" playing backgammon on screens, or at all. I don't think traveling somewhere to play BG on computers will pry them away from real-life board games such as Arkham Horror or Pandemic, or video games such as the latest iteration of Call of Duty, or whatever that one is where you are the dictator of a tropical island.

I agree with most of what Barry said in the post you answered. As I said in one of my other posts in this thread, I'd rather the directors include a couple of extra side events than spend extra time messing with more recording and tabulation of numbers.

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