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Electronic Boards

Posted By: sebalotek
Date: Thursday, 9 October 2014, at 9:43 a.m.

In Response To: Electronic Boards (Ian Dunstan)

Perhaps large format AIO tablet PCs? You should check these 18 / 20 inch badboys out.. more than enough horsepower to run gnubg or xg etc.


The Sony Tap 20 is possibly too heavy (11.5 lbs.) But the 18" Dell is just a couple of kg (5 lbs. approx).

1. Install your bg program of choice then rock up at the tournament.

- Set up your e-board in just a few seconds (once you've booted up).

- Easily save and resume matches

- Automatic transcription

- Almost instant analysis to eliminate those regularly inconclusive post-match debates over what was the best move / correct cube action

- Archive / email / post the match files

- reduce the chance of match score confusion

- stream live video over the internet direct from the device desktop via Ustream Desktop Presenter (or maybe Camtasia Studio / Livestream Procaster / Xsplit Broadcaster or similar)

- practically eliminate illegal moves

- I also think both are WiDi capable to wirelessly transmit matches to a larger on-site spectator projector.

- plus some other electronic benefits.

Also would be good if these apps had a virtual backgammon clock superimposed on the board - maybe at the top and bottom of the bar which isn't used much?

I think the tech for roll-up touchscreens is probably still a good decade off being refined, 20+ inches and affordable, but the next generation of the devices mentioned above might well fill the gap.

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