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From recent match Peoria RO

Posted By: Timothy Chow
Date: Thursday, 16 October 2014, at 10:35 p.m.

In Response To: From recent match Peoria RO (gudgen)

gudgen wrote:

OK, probably is trivial, no comment.

First of all, you gave people only 6 hours to comment. Even those who are addicted to BGOnline don't necessarily check it every 6 hours. You should give people at least 24 hours to comment.

Secondly, just because people don't comment doesn't mean it's trivial. People post interesting problems here all the time that elicit no comment. Most BGO readers are too afraid of looking like an idiot to post an honest opinion. Or they figure that only world-class commentary adds to the discussion. If you want responses, don't post any meaningful backgammon content. Post some sort of controversial opinion. Then everyone and his dog will be delighted to post an idiotic response.

As for the position itself, it's a pay now or pay later decision, which is a notoriously difficult type of decision. I don't know what I would have played OTB, but note that Black has some flexibility while 7/2 7/1 uses up the last of your own flexibility. So what is likely to happen in the next exchange? Black will play safely and you may expose a double shot. In particular, it's not too likely that you will hit a shot next turn, so covering your blots isn't that high a priority. Compare that to paying now, which gives your opponent only 11 immediate shots but gives you flexibility for a couple more rolls.

It's important to try to visualize what will happen in the next exchange or two when assessing such decisions.

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