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UK Backgammon Federation Board Elections

Posted By: stw672
Date: Thursday, 30 October 2014, at 3:02 a.m.

Elections for new UKBGF Board


As a result of feedback received from players about the proposed voting process for the new UKBGF board, a number of changes have been made. The final amended process is described below.

As previously announced, following the success of the 2014 UK Open the current UKBGF board feel that the time is right to move to a 100% elected federation.

We want the UKBGF to be fully democratic and to be owned and represented by its members. The new UKBGF Board will decide the future constitution of the organisation, membership criteria, dues and all other aspects of the UKBGF although it is initially envisaged that the first elected board will sit for two years. The following process and timetable will be used to elect the new UKBGF board...

29th October onwards: Final process emailed to mailing lists and posted online

29th October to 9th November: Self-nominations open for submission

14th November to 14th December: Voting

15th December: Votes to be scrutinised by Julian Fetterlein, who is not standing for election but is acting as the independent arbiter.

The results will be announced as soon as possible thereafter.

The same eligibility requirements apply for voting, and for self-nominating as a member of the board. To be eligible for either, a player must satisfy all three conditions below. In cases of doubt about eligibility, the existing UKBGF board in conjunction with the independent arbiter will decide, taking advice from others as appropriate.

To be eligible to vote or stand for election, a player:

(i) must have either played live backgammon in the UK, or played backgammon online, during the last 18 months; (ii) must be known within the UK backgammon community; and (iii) must either be a UK citizen, or be resident in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Nominees must confirm their eligibility and submit answers to the following 4 questions and optionally provide any relevant additional comments (each answer or the additional comments may be no longer than 500 words).

1) Why do you want to stand for the board of the UKBGF? 2) How much time are you prepared to devote to the UKBGF over the next two years? 3) What are your plans for the UKBGF over the next two years? 4) Why should people vote for you? 5) Any other comments that you feel relevant.

Nominees should email their responses to contact@ukbgf.com by midnight on the 9th November along with their full name, address, a contact phone number and a good quality jpg photo.

All nominations received will be published online at ukbgf.com by 14th November to permit voters ample opportunity to consider the nominees’ responses before deciding on their votes.

Voters will vote via the ukbgf.com website. Voters will also need to submit their full name, address, telephone number and email for verification purposes and to ensure probity. Further evidence may be requested in cases of doubt regarding eligibility. Contact details will be retained by the UKBGF and will not be disclosed to other persons or organisations. A voter may request the deletion of personal details, except for email address, after completion of the election process.

Voters will be asked to vote for up to seven candidates ranking them from 1st choice to 7th choice. It will be permissible to cast fewer than seven votes, for example: first, second and third choices only.

Candidates will receive 7 points for being a 1st choice through to 1 point for being a 7th choice.

The seven candidates with the most points will be elected to the board.

The board will elect their Chair and vice-Chair.

The board will sit for 2 years and then must go to the membership for further elections, subject to any constitutional changes decided upon by the elected board in due course.

Any questions about the election process should be emailed to contact@ukbgf.com Alternatively public comments may be made on this blog.

The current UKBGF Team


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