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I wish finals were on Safety Harbor

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Monday, 24 November 2014, at 2:29 a.m.

In Response To: I wish finals were on Safety Harbor (Jason Lee)

A footnote here when you say under the excuse that some players "liked those rooms." . Since I was around for the Mayhem I'd like to point out what happened.

Thanks to Neil Robins BGO the issue was first brought to light. William Womack and I confirmed it with studies of the dice. I sent a report to SHG and they actually changed the dice site wide to not artificially deflate the doubles.

Yes, at first all rooms had appropriate dice when the issue was first discovered by the users and after SHG corrected it. After a short period of time player complaints rose and the hosts of at least 2 tournament groups (Just the ones I personally knew about) threatened to take their tournaments elsewhere. There was/is another sister site that has the same dice (artificially lowered doubles) that they could have moved to. If you were wondering how two sites came to have the same type of bad dice- SHG was based on a fork of another sites code when some owners/developers parted ways. Since these tournament groups were quite popular SHG chose to introduce the option to appease the tournament groups who threatened to leave.

Some of the player and host vitriol still remains on William Womack's blog.

It is my firm belief if it wasn't for the tournament hosts who threatened to take their group and players elsewhere,there would still be the same yellow (proper) dice site wide. There was only one official tournament group (with their own room) who bucked the trend of wanting the improper dice and that was Gammonzone. There is another group WarpGammon who don't have their own room but chose the Doubling Cube room which was given yellow (proper) dice.

Gammonzone and Warpgammon are the exception to the rule for tournament groupson SHG. They are the only two groups that actively promote (IMHO) competitive tournaments rather than purely social ones.

Some trends to note. Out of the 10 or so Tournament rooms that hold daily events to this day Gammonzone is the only yellow (proper) dice tournament group.

Rated room has stayed yellow (proper) dice ever since the yellow dice were introduced.

The only bright side is that the League and Ladder rooms have gone from predominately red (bastardized dice) to yellow dice over the past few years. I have a theory for that trend.

When I lobbied SHG to resolve the issue I lobbied in favor of the "proper dice for all" viewpoint. To this day I still get people saying that I ruined the site (SHG). This is most true for rated room players who have no choice but to use yellow (proper) dice and SHG refuses to create a red dice rated room.

I had hoped that over time SHG would phase out the red rooms. Maybe some day, but that day isn't today.

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