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Congratulations, LA Winners: Otis, Norm, Carol & More; New Rule Proposed

Posted By: Paul Weaver
Date: Monday, 8 December 2014, at 2:35 p.m.

Congratulations to Otis for winning the main event! Congratulations to Norm Wiggins (who won the Super-32 Jackpot), a retired firefighter in his mid 80s who authored a well-respected BG book! Congratulations to Carol for winning the other jackpot event! Congratulations to all other winners!

I noticed from the online draw that Cheryl Anderson (congrats to Cheryl for being the runner up in the PDAJ!) had to play her daughter in the first round. This is seriously undesirable. It just ain't right! I have a plan to eliminate this unfortunate possibility. If a husband and wife from Europe travel to the USA to play in a BG tournament, they should not have to play each other in the first round. I am therefore proposing the following rule: any two players in the same event have the right to announce together beforehand that they wish to be on opposite halves of the draw. This rule is fair, because it would apply equally to all. It would not change anyone's chance of getting a first-round bye. This new rule might have the side effect of increasing attendance by a tiny %, which would mean more $$ for the TD.

If Mochy and Michy travel from Japan to the USA for a tournament, do we really want them to play each other in the first round? Of course not! It ain't right! My proposed rule would have the effect of placing half the strong players in each half of the draw.

What would, could and should occur when a husband and wife tell a TD, "Please put us in opposite halves of the draw, or else only one of us will participate?"

From www.chicagopoint.com, run by Bill Davis:

ABT - CALIFORNIA STATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP December 5-7, 2014; Los Angeles, California

OPEN (64): 1-Odis Chenault, 2-Phil Simborg, 3-Khachik Melikyan, 4/5-Peter Wisniewski / Jerry Jabagchourian; Consolation Semifinals: Matt Reklaitis vs. Justin Nunez, Art Benjamin vs. ?

ADVANCED (40): 1-Michael Showkati, 2-Matt Soomakh; Cons. Finals: David Cohen vs. Mark Weiner or Michael Derylo, 3C/4C-Ergin Bayrak

LIMITED (8): 1-Daniel Saltzman, 2-Tom McGraw; 1C-Jerry Nussbaum.

SUPER-32 (32): Finals: Norm Wiggins vs. Jonah Seewald, 3/4-Ted Chee / Joe Russell.

PAUL DINGWELL AMATEUR JACKPOT (22): 1-Carol Joy Cole, 2-Cheryl Anderson 3-David Taniguchi.

BLITZ (56): Finals: Tuvya Felt vs. ?


2-POINT QUICKIES (32): Finals: Phil Simborg vs. Mario Savan


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