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OLM 20141213A The Prime Factors – DECISION

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Monday, 15 December 2014, at 2:03 a.m.

In Response To: OLM 20141213A The Prime Factors -- CONSULTATION (Jason Lee)

Teammate Original Move Move in Consultation
Bob Koca 16/13, 8/6 If the main goal of making the 7 point after playing 10/7 is done, there will certainly be significant wastage if we need to run off the gammon.
Casper Van der Tak 16/14, 10/7 16/14, 10/7
The play is one of the main DMP candidates together with the 5/2 plays (that would be very close), and does not waste pips (yet), so must be best among those for not losing a gammon.
Chuck Bower 16/14, 10/7 16/14, 10/7
I feel like I made my case for my choice in my original post and Casper (for sure as it was his independent choice) and Stick (I think...) made good arguments. But I'm not going to lose any sleep if Mike chooses something else.
Daniel Murphy 10/8, 5/2
Fatboy 16/11
garyo 10/8, 5/2 10/8, 5/2
Having taken the cube, it is incumbent upon us to try and win AT LEAST 2 points - I adamantly make the 8 and slot the 2.
Havard Raddum 10/8, 5/2
Igor 16/11 16/11 or 16/14, 10/7
I would be OK with either 16/14 10/7 or 16/11. I chose the latter, but I don't any strong feelings about it.
kruidenbuiltje 16/11 16/11
I stick with 16/11.
lenny 10/8, 5/2
Seth 24/22, 16/13 Please discuss pitfalls of spitting 1 back man to 24/22 as a pseudo backgame ? Does this play have any merits?
Steve Mellen 16/11 16/11 or 16/14, 10/7
I really don't have a strong opinion here. I played 16/11, but perhaps 16/14 10/7 is almost as good for saving the gammon while gaining some small amount of extra winning chances.
Taper_Mike 16/13, 8/6 16/14, 10/7
With the gammon a close thing, I think it would be a mistake to slot the 2pt. Doing so implies an intention to move 4 more pips inside later on in order to cover. Those are 7 pips that I feel must be played outside. I could live with any [of the outside plays].

At the last minute, I took a hard look at 16/14 10/7, and decided to switch my vote to it. It is definitely better than 16/11 when we get a hit. It is probably marginally worse when we do not. Since it seems likely that we will get some shots, I went with 16/14 10/7.

Final Tally

  • 16/14, 10/7 – Casper, Chuck, Igor*, Steve*, Mike
  • 16/11 – Eric, Igor*, Kruidenbuiltje, Steve*
  • 10/8, 5/2 – Daniel, Gary, Havard, Lenny
  • 16/13, 8/6 - Bob
  • 24/22, 16/13 – Seth

* As far as comparing 16/11 with 16/14 10/7 with each other, it does not matter if I count split votes as 1/2 vote each, or whether I count such votes as a “hypothetical” full votes. When either one is compared with 10/8 5/2, however, I feel it is fairest to count split votes as “hypothetical” full votes. If there were a runoff between 10/8 5/2 and one of the others, I think that best represents how these votes would be cast. In the tally above, therefore, I am counting each half of a split vote as a hypothetical full vote.

The winner, by a plurality, is 16/14, 10/7.


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