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XG 3 Ply Error #1 - All Plies

Posted By: Keene
Date: Tuesday, 16 December 2014, at 12:46 a.m.

In Response To: XG 3 Ply Error #1 - All Plies (Timothy Chow)

Yes, of course I understand about wastage and EPC, however, those (I believe) are just calculated numbers that it shows you, however, it relies on raw numbers to decide what play is best, it doesnt go looking at EPC and wastage, then think to itself "hmm". I am sure someone can confirm.

Perhaps (and this is conjecture), dumping the 2 extra checkers to the deuce doesnt create enough wastage to be a factor in the final decision.

Ultimately, I am not going to try and convince anyone that I understand how XG works internally, or how it races, however, having looked at these classes of positions, I can accept what it says about them. It doesnt mean I will naturally play them. I made that remark in my response to Stick's solution post. It just means that I dont believe the trade-off is worth it, and I don't bear off checkers as well as XG does, so I cannot quantify it enough in order to waste 10 minutes over a play choice that may give me a small error.

I accept the answers from XG, I derive my own way of thinking about the 'whys' of them, and then I derive play options. I dont play sub 1 and I dont play sub 2 backgammon. My margin of performance rating is exactly what it is. Accept that any explanation I may give for a play is limited by my own understanding, and the range of error that may have.

So, even if my explanation makes no sense, or is driving at a point in which others may disagree, then so be it. I have a method for this, and it seems to work in most cases, and my explanation may be poor, or downright wrong, however it gets to the end result. Beyond that, tweaking an informal process may have value, but not here really. I'd rather spend time figuring out how to play position classes that I have demonstrable weakness in. These positions, I have working shortcuts, so why waste time trying to fix something that already works?


PS: I hope I haven't come across as contentious or derisive, I'm just sharing a methodology, and hopefully positive ideas for discussion, or digestion. Perhaps even a little technique too.

PPS: I may not average a PR under 1 or 2... but I certainly average lower than say 18. Not giving anything else away :)

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