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Apologies to Bill and Phil!

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Wednesday, 31 December 2014, at 12:02 a.m.

In Response To: TEST DRIVE OH OH LINK (Bill Patterson)

Bill Patterson and Phil Simborg are both my friends. I have established relationships with them here and off-forum. It is in part because of the strength of these relationships that I do mind pointing out when they lapse into the use of capital letters. I would rather do that than resort to using all-caps in my own messages in an effort to complete for attention. They are both strong individuals, and I know they can both take the criticism.

Although I have never met Bill in person, I have exchanged emails with him. I send him my RolloutSummary from time to time. The work he does on transcriptions has been a huge help to me. His efforts on those far exceeds anything I have ever done for him.

The same is true of Phil. He has done a lot more for me than I have ever done for him. His many contributions to the game of backgammon are well known. I am a huge fan of his teaching videos. I met Phil in San Francisco a few years ago when he sat in as guest director for one of Chivas tournaments. During a dead time on Friday night, I spent over four hours working to remove a virus from his computer. (Alas, even with the help of an employee from one of the major anti-virus companies, there was not enough time to complete the job that weekend.) On another occassion, I spent an hour with Phil on webex demonstrating how to use my RolloutSummary.

I apologize to both of my friends for the negativity generated by my comments. I meant only to remind them that some of us are paying attention when they use all-caps. It is entirely unwarranted that criticism go any further than that.


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