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Extraneous Noise

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Wednesday, 14 January 2015, at 11:22 p.m.

In Response To: Headphones in Backgammon? (Carter Mattig)

There was one guy in New York that was sounding chimes when he won and another guy who won the match, stood up on his chair and cheered. In the finals between Carter and Frank, there was a huge cheer and clapping and I thought the match was over and ran over to congratulate Frank, only to find out they were cheering for Frank simply because he won a complicated game.

In a match in LA I lost to an Armenian that was surrounded by a bunch of his relatives and slaves, and when he beat me the roar and cheering was so loud everyone stopped playing. (I came back in the double-elimination ternament and beat him in the semis and when I won my cheer was just as loud.)

There are constantly announcements and people talking and waiters walking by and even people tripping over dogs in the aisles. Backgammon tournaments are often loud, exciting, and fun, and if someone wants to wear headphones to block out the noise, why is that so bad?

Oh, so someone cheated with them. So just because a guy had a match in his shoe once now we all have to take off our shoes in airports? If someone wants to cheat there are a thousand ways to do it, and we simply have to hope to catch them. Want me to show you how to cheat without wearing headphones?

Carter is a good example. Next to me he might be the loudest guy in backgammon, but when he's wearing headphones he cant hear all the crap people are saying about him and others so he keeps his mouth shut and just plays. You take away his headphones and that alone will raise the noise level in the room.

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