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Play from Here (PFH) - Backgame

Posted By: Christian Munk-Christensen
Date: Saturday, 17 January 2015, at 8:32 a.m.

In Response To: Play from Here (PFH) - Backgame (Stick)

Wow, this looks like a fun position. I have a feeling that blue should take the opportunity to try and go forward but I am not sure which is the best way to do that.

The first play which comes to my mind is to make the 21 point, getting ready to spring a couple of guys which is a priority if we want to go forward. Then I will make the 5 point. We then have decent diversification and a good chance of scooping up the remaining white blots while springing some checkers. If we can do that, then the idea is to build some blocking points of our own so that white will crack his stripped prime if he rolls an awkward entry number when he brings in his final guy. Blue can also win a small priming battle if white rolls poorly after he has brought in his checkers (assuming we scoop everything) because by then blue will own the outfield which means checkers which are mobile. I don't think it is realistic to jump all our back checkers before white enters all his guys so the outfield is likely to become an important battlefield.

I don't think blue has sufficient timing to go backwards as long as blue is occupying the 24p. So if I wanted to go backwards, then I'd start by switching anchor to the 21p. This is problematic because it hits a white checker and thus this is not guaranteed to ensure enough timing. If it was possible to make the 21p without hitting, then I'd be inclined to go backwards.

There are also other plans available but the above describe my initial thoughts. This is a position I cannot wait to play out a dozen times or more. Most likely I will play it out way more if I need to examine all the potential plans which jump out at me. I may decide to report back once I have learned more from my hand rollouts.

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