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Eskgammon revisited

Posted By: eskimo68
Date: Friday, 23 January 2015, at 4:15 p.m.

(posted once but something weird happened - hopefully this doesn't appear twice)

An update about the Eskgammon variant (one of the dice is switched to a d10 dice).

For reference the rules are available at http://eskimo68.no-ip.org/misc/backgammon/eskgammon.html

For a few months Piranhazone has had Eskgammon available online. So there is no excuse not to play :)

The download can be found here http://www.piranhazone.com/index.php?language=1&page=piranhagammon&topic=download

Obviously you need to create a user account. The other thing worth mentioning is that if you use Avast and it's new Deepscreen feature installation will look ugly. The software consists of several small executables and Deepscreen starts each one a few times. With enough patience it will install just fine but it annoyed the hell out of me. Norton isn't as horrible. And I also suggest switching the dice skins from eyes to numbers.

And as a final courtesy (as I know people are lazy by nature), a youtube link of a recent game http://youtu.be/cRp2ncIVTCs

Well, if anyone is curious enough and can't find anyone to play with feel free to mail me. I'll pop in some day to play if it helps. gv_eskimo attheusual hotmail.com



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