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2015 Texas Backgammon--Impossible odds

Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Saturday, 24 January 2015, at 3:10 p.m.

In Response To: 2015 Texas Backgammon--Impossible odds (Phil Simborg)

Phil, if tournaments have too many main divisions they cannot still attract large fields and the top players.

The beauty of a large Championship field such as San Antonio is that it is significant enough to attract not only all of the top US players but also a number of top international players. The potential rewards offset their investment. Were the field smaller, not as many top players would attend. If not as many top players attended, not as many other players would attend. The tournament -- through our good fortune, our hard work, and the tremendous support of the backgammon community -- has become something unique.

As you state, many are honored and challenged by the opportunity to play in such a great field against so many of the best players in the game. In few other sports and games are players afforded such opportunity.

Certainly, every player has a chance -- such is the beauty of backgammon.

Carter and Tuvya are fine players; however, most would not have given them much chance at the beginning of the NY Metro two weeks ago -- yet they won.

Jonah Seewald is an improving, fine player -- though not yet recognized as an elite, star player. He was the Finalist with Mochy in San Antonio last year against another very strong field.

It's going to be fun and exciting -- for everyone !!

The Champion, whomever he/she will be, will have accomplished an extraordinary achievement that anyone -- elite player or not -- can be most proud of and that everyone can applaud.

We do provide more skill division in the jackpots -- the fields are smaller and the skill levels perhaps more balanced. We have the Longhorn Classic Masters Jackpot (which is truly an elite field), we have the Alamo Classic Limited Jackpot (which includes some championship players and some of the better advanced players), and, this year, we have added the Texas Classic Advanced Jackpot (which excludes championship players).

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