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Another fun way to bet at tournaments

Posted By: Albert Steg
Date: Saturday, 24 January 2015, at 4:20 p.m.

In Response To: Another fun way to bet at tournaments (Phil Simborg)

Thanks Phil -- I'd say this sounds like a really great/fun idea if you weren't such a jerk personally.

I have a related newbie question I kept forgetting to ask someone at the NY Event. When the Calcutta auction started and you started using the term "seeded players" I had a visceral moment of shock when I thought you meant that these players were actually being seeded on the draw, as in a tennis tournament. Clearly (thankfully) this wasn't the case.

Is the term 'seeded' commonly used in this more generalized way to refer to "top" players? Wikipedia doesn't mention a loser usage of the term . . .


In the ABT, is 'seeded' an official but variable designation at each tournament, defined either by name / reputation / ABT ratings / other List upon registration, or is it just the players who are sold singly in the Calcutta? Is it the "top x players" (8? 16?) in any given tournament -- or is it however many "Giants" happen to show up? And what about 'bad seeds' like Carter Mittig?

Is it the 'seeded' players who are ineligible to play in the "Limited Jackpot" type events? Or are the 'seeded' players a smaller group within the field of ineligibles? It wasn't really clear to me who in the room was barred from the Limited Jackpot.

As an inexperienced tournament player, partly I just have to get used to the established lingo -- but it seems to me that using the very widely understood word 'seeded' in this way is really not such a good idea. (And what if you had a tournament somewhere where the really *did* seed the players -- what would you call *that*? Could you then have a field of seeded players (in the regular unseeded sense) and then a smaller group of people who *were* actually seeded in a special event, leading to a class of "unseeded seeded players"? As in "Yeah, he's a Seeded player but he got shaft in that draw because he didn't get seeded."

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