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Best BG Tournament in US--My usual diplomatic response

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Sunday, 25 January 2015, at 3:24 a.m.

In Response To: What Is The Best BG Tournament In The USA? (Paul Weaver)

Because I am so world-famous for being so diplomatic, I thought I would tackle this question by asking a question: why ask?

First, how do you define “best?” It’s too subjective. It’s clear San Antonio will have the greatest assemblage of talent in the Open than any tournament, but does that make it best? In some ways, along with the other things Bill and Tara have done, sure.

But some of us also love Swiss movements with mandatory clocks. One of my cohorts puts great strength on how roomy and well-lit the tournament room is.

Some are concerned about getting enough sleep—good scheduling. Others care about the side events. Some really care about the hotel, price, location, hospitality. (I happen to prefer events that have a lecturer I particularly like.)

Isn’t it enough to say that San Antonio has become one of the best ever, and can’t we also acknowledge all other TD’s for all the work and effort they put into making theirs special, even if it doesn’t get the number and quality of players as S.A?

Why make Carol, or Patrick, or Rory or Bill or Lynn, or Howard, or Barry or Joe, or Keene, or Ross, and all of the other tournaments directors actually see some tournament “crowned” “better” than theirs. Why can’t we acknowledge Bill and Tara for doing an amazing job without saying it is better. I guarantee you that some will feel San Antonio has too much activity and too much going on to relax and do a lot of sightseeing and time to take nice breaks between matches. People who value those features may well prefer other events. Some only go to events in major cities because they like to spend time in New York, Chicago, LA, and Vegas. Other put great value on the hospitality. Some care a lot about the hotel and price. I have a stronger preference for tournament run by people who strictly and fairly enforce the rules (who does this better than Jeb or Patrick?). Everyone has their own list of what makes a tournament great.

I really don’t think we have to declare a winner here, thereby inferring that all the rest lost. This is not like a tournament where only one walks away the winner. Everything tournament I go to, and that’s most, have something different and enjoyable to offer, and the few I have been to that don’t, I don’t go to.

I have learned two things from running tournaments and clubs:

1) I’ll never do it again, and,

2) the tournament directors deserve all of the help, cooperation, and appreciation we can give them for tremendous efforts and usually for little or no profit.

I would like to see us not “declare” any above any others except in terms of quantifiable terms. Largest, toughest competition, fine. "Best" is just not needed. It's not a competition between the directors. It doesn't take anything away from Howard or Patrick's tournament because someone else has a bigger one or one that is "better" in some aspects. No reason to make this a competition.

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