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OT: Gin Rummy, two questions.--sorry, very poor rules

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Saturday, 31 January 2015, at 2:19 p.m.

In Response To: OT: Gin Rummy, two questions. (higonefive)

There are universally accepted rules of Gin and they are published in several books and you can probably find them on line. I have played gin for 60 years all over the world, and I give Gin lessons both live and on line. I may not be the best gin rummy player in backgammon, but I will be happy to try my luck with anyone (except Michael Sall). So those are my credentials.

Your rules have many holes in them and are not in line with most competitive gin played in private games and tournaments, and it would take me too long to give you all the rules...look them up. In short, a separate deck should determine the call card and there is no such thing as a double gin in a decent gin game.

Hollywood scoring is the standard for private money games, with the 3rd set being worth double. Spades on the call card often doubles the points, and you play down to the last 2 cards. Extra values is usually given to simply winning the hand (boxes).

I have some students who play in Europe who play that the ace can play around the corner (you could have a run of K, A, 2, 3 for example) but that is not standard.

The luck factor in Gin is FAR LESS than in backgammon and I can pretty much guarantee you that in a 3 hour session the better player will win virtually every time, depending, of course, on how much better he is.

If you really want to learn the game, there are many good books. Oswald Jacoby, who taught me the game, wrote a great book in the late 1950's which is still excellent today, but Michael Sall's book is by far the best ever. You can buy that book from Carol Cole for $200 and it is worth every penney.

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