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Neil's PR

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Sunday, 8 February 2015, at 3:52 p.m.

In Response To: Neil's errors in OLM play (Jason Lee)

"We're early on in the 4th 11 point match, and in the first three matches, Neil had PRs of 0.18, 0.39, and 0.33. Early on in the 4th match (just the second game), he's so far at 0.46."
To be honest when i was starting to play backgammon Neil Kazaross was my hero because of his winning spirit and his great play. I admired and respected him very much. About the stats u posted -I'M IMPRESSED! Believe me i wanted very much to remain silent but i can't-with this NON-SENSE we are helping noone! We create false understanding of the game and the expectation for the players(we saw in SA the best player in the world Mochy playing at 6-no shame!the very best right now). I respect very much what Neil is doing for free for people but nobody will be mad at him if he had play at his normal level of 3.2(81 matches sample). Out of those 81 matches-most 11+ ,he played only twice bellow 1 and never bellow .5 as now 3 matches in row. I checked Mochy's stats, Falafel stats, MCg stats-nobody, nobody ever made even 2 matches in row bellow 1-i don't say it is not possible but none of them did, and from some of them i have 300+ matches.
I suggest now at Nordic new format-Dk vs Neil, anyway the whole world team(consisting of 7 best players in the world) consulting could not average all this years what Neil did in 3 matches, so there is no meaning of sending them to represent us. I 'm just worry a little bit how is Neil playing with clock? I understand having all the time in the world help a little bit...
I'm sorry i'm really sorry, for me you was really something special, a real star, but if u have not admit you have checked every single move in this OLM, you lost me forever(not that you care..)
People please wake up- and stop this non-sense-you are over over diplomatic, 80% of you realize this is not anyhow achievable live but nobody say it! Talking behind his back is not helping anyone. remaining silent as well; You are not bad if u have an opinion!
I'm really sorry-i don't want to sound jealous, hater or whatever but i respect what Mochy, MCG and Falafel has achieved with a lot of work and this way you are "shitting" on them very disrespectable. Nobody would of blame you if u have played even at 6- you did great job, doing this matches for us for free-why Neil, why?
You kill the kid in me-my dad had 6 cats-all of them have names-Falafel, Mochy, Michy, Stick, MCG, Neil-i'm sorry but i will give the last one for adoption, i can't take care of him anymore....

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