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a tournament format idea

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Tuesday, 17 February 2015, at 12:43 a.m.

In Response To: a tournament format idea (Phil Simborg)

Let me come out of the gate saying that most of this is interesting and worth considering.

Specifically, the idea about creating groups and then playing down to X is an interesting idea.

I'm going to pick on specific things, and tell you which features are deal breakers for me. Since they are features, they don't necessarily have to be included in any final plan.

Some things I didn't understand or have issue with:

put everyone into 4 groups... until they are left with 2 players that are the leaders in the group... The 2 players from each group then compete on Sunday starting with a round of 16, single elimination.

Was the 16 just a typo?

How you whittle each group down to 2 in one day depends on the number of players in each group. It could be round robin or modified swiss or simple double elimination depending on the number of players.

Modified swiss? Cool.

Simple Double elim? Cool.

Round Robin? I am OUT OUT OUT. That means I might have to play a match that is meaningless to me.

If you have something like 40 players in the tournament, and there are 10 in each group, then you would play a double-eliminate event in each group with 7 point matches. Yes, there might be a bye, but if you are eliminated because of losses the bye won’t help.

I don't worry about byes. Luck happens in tournaments, that's just one way it happens.

Keep doing draws that pit the better records against each other, and if the Captain has any problems determining the draw of format for the playoff, an official is called to make the decision so there is no question of fairness.

I don't understand this part at all. Also, what is this Captain? Did I miss that part?

I also believe we should shorten the time on the clocks to keep things moving. Instead of 14 minutes for a 7 point match, drop it to 10 minutes but keep the 12 second delay. Drop the 5 point match from 10 minutes to 7 with 12 second delay.

I'd rather not see the reserve time get dropped, but it's far from a deal breaker for me.

Let me simplify the format a bit:

  • Divide your field into 8 groups.
  • Each group plays double elimination down to one player.
  • The winner of each group cashes.
  • The winners of each group then play a new double elimination.

The plus side to me is that I only have to survive an N/8-player double elimination tournament to cash. Double elimination means I can survive a single loss and still emerge victorious in my group and start fresh to fight for first place.


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