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BGRoom Dispute

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Thursday, 19 February 2015, at 12:44 p.m.

In Response To: BGRoom Dispute (PlayHunter)

It doesn't take a software to tell you how impossible it is for anyone to play long matches consistently under 1 PR. Or even under 2 PR. Consistently under 3PR is probably a strong indicator of cheating unless you can prove your name is amongst the few top players in the world.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of the owners of a playing site. How do you accuse someone of cheating and take their money away and prove it and not open yourself up to possible law suits? Yes, they will almost surely win if it went to court as the player might be required to prove he can play better than any human has ever been known to play (consistently). But does the site want to get into that?

They make money whether people cheat or not, and trying to catch and stop cheaters will cost them significant time and money. They don't have a strong motivation to do this. Also, I believe there are many who cheat and if they lose all those people, they will lose that revenue.

What about people who are smart enough to cheat smart? That only cheat when the cube is turned and on important moves and decisions and let their PR's play around 3 or 4 PR, which is still 4 or 5 PR better than they might play without the bot? How will you ever catch them?

So it is beyond me that anyone plays for any serious money on line. I guess if you really need a gambling rush and you are living somewhere where you can't find live games you would play for money on line.

I played for several years (in the 80's) in a chouette on line (Fibs) and we all knew each other and the bots weren't very good back then, but even that game broke up when it was found that someone was mirroring Jellyfish almost exactly. And we had the likes of Sax, Dougie Roberts, Jake, Wells, Joe Sylvester, Steve Mellen and many other really fine players in the game, all being cheated for quite a while without knowing it or suspecting it for quite a while. And of course, the cheater did quite well.

Hell, I'm worried about cheaters when I play live for money. At least there I have a reasonable chance to detect and catch cheaters because there are only so many ways to do it and there are reasonable safeguards....but I am sure I have been cheated at times. On line is far too risky in my opinion.

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