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Mochy/Simborg Duel Announced

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Monday, 23 February 2015, at 12:29 p.m.

Mochy/Simborg Duel Announced:

Right before San Antonio, Mochy posted that he thought that he could give the cube to someone who plays 3 PR worse and still beat him. I agreed that I play 3PR worse and I thought I could beat him if I started with the cube. He said that he would get out of the San Antonio tournament and just play me if I would play him for $100 a point. I agreed.

Of course, we both love playing in that tournament too much to get out, and the irony is that I almost won the tournament! But we are going to have the match anyway, and we will play for much more than $100 a point. How much is nobody's business, but suffice it to say that at least on my side, I will have backers....even though I think I will win, I am not willing to gamble that much and I think if the stakes are too high it might affect my play, and I like Mochy too much to hurt him too much!

We have decided we will play 30 games, and we will probably do it the day after the US Open in Las Vegas. We have a "benefactor" (one of my students) who is putting up some expenses to make it happen and will pay for someone to record the match into XG and stream it live. We believe we can show the board, hear our comments, and also show XG while it is being streamed. We also hope Falafel or someone will be available to add commentary, and after a very interesting game we will stop and talk about a particularly interesting cube or checker play and look at the XG errors.

I am certain I will play far worse than 3 PR over Mochy because, for one thing, he can't make any cube errors and I will be playing a lot of positions where I am not used to holding the cube. My guess is I will play about 5 or 6 PR worse than Mochy, but I still believe that’s not enough to make up for holding the cube, and of course, my good looks might intimidate him as well.

Many of you know that Mochy has a group of young school children called Under 25 that he teaches free and gives one of them a free trip to Las Vegas each year. Erhan and I have made a very special board that we are giving to this year’s winner. Also, Geoffrey Parker is making a special board with Mochy’s and my autograph which we will raffle off and give part of the proceeds to the Under 25 charity as well. We will play on the Geoffrey Parker board.

In addition to the live streaming, we hope to create an article or video with Mochy’s and possibly other expert comments that will serve as a guide for money play and cube play, and that will also be sold with part of the proceeds to Mochy’s Under 25 group.

Of course 30 games will not absolutely prove what the value of holding the cube is—especially if there happens to be one or two big games that swing the results. But we think it will be fun and it will be for a good cause, and if it is enjoyable and well-received, we might even do it again. So, we start the cube on my side, we take turns getting the opening roll (no doubles), the Jacoby Rule is waived because the cube is turned. We will play with a clock and use fairly fast time controls, and we have added an interesting feature: either player can add 2 minutes to his clock by paying the other player 2 points. Mochy feels that this might well be worth it if there is an 8 or 16 cube and there is a particularly complicated game.

I wanted to make the world aware that this will happen in order to build up a little hype, see if anyone else wants to donate a little to cover expenses and donate to the cause, and also to see what the very experienced experts on this forum think about the competition. Who do you think will win? What about the format—any suggestions to improve it or make it more interesting and exciting?

PS: This post was made with Mochy’s approval.

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