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Nordic Open 2015 - world team

Posted By: Stick
Date: Thursday, 12 March 2015, at 3:00 a.m.

In Response To: Nordic Open 2015 - world team (julie)

I know it's very hard to get representation from different countries especially without compromising the playing strength of the team but I'm a little disappointed at the overall representation. I guess if I looked at it as Petko being Bulgarian and Victor being Russian I'd feel a lot better about it. They are listed as USA on the Giants list though (unlike Falafelfish). I wonder what lengths were went to to try to get other players on the team for a better representation? This event originally started as a mix of representation and playing strength and I think the first year we did okay esp. with the female inclusion. I went to great lengths to try to get other players on board too like Grandell, Tardiue, Snellings, etc... None of them decided to play but I'm sure it was nice of them to hear from the bg world and know they were wanted back for an event. Did anyone try contacting these greats of the past this year? If so, why or why not? This is something that needs to be done in advance too because if one of them gets on board they are going to want time to kick the dust off their game. Knowing/releasing the team less than a month before the event doesn't leave much time. Personally I'd like the team to be chosen well before and the players within' the team to be assigned their event(s) so they could start practicing. Are they meeting the week before to practice? I ate dmp before I played in 2010 and I know others practiced their respective events too. If you want the event to be special in this manner I think the work has to be put in beforehand.


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