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John is right--the numbers don't lie

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Thursday, 12 March 2015, at 9:15 a.m.

In Response To: CSI Special Private Side Pool (Stick)

Stick, you haven't been to a lot of tournaments in the past few years. Talk to the tournament directors and you will find that the number of people who do not get in the side pools is increasing. Many opt not to. And it's not just because they don't have $100 or $200 in their pocket, it's because they feel it is a bad bet.

In San Antonio, I won the side pool when I got to the semis. That is not unusual. And I almost didn't enter the side pool because of the tremendous competition in that event....I did it "last minute" and against my better judgment, simply because I try to enter as much as I can when I attend to support the tournament. (I also entered 4 side events and had to forfeit out of 3 when I was winning and didn't even get my entry fee back, in order to keep the tournament moving and not hold up these side events because I was still alive in the open, and others were also holding up these events...but we've hashed that one out already).

The fact is, a tremendous percentage of the non-giants are not getting in the main side pools. So John is right, the many of the people who would get in my side pool, feeling they have a more reasonable chance to get a return on their investment, are not getting in the main one.

Why do you think the side pool at CSI is only $60? That's a trend you are going to see more of (if players don't have the option I am offering). It's because even $100 loses the market. Even $60 won't attract a lot of players.

Again, with all the money we spend to travel, get hotel rooms, etc. etc., what's another $100 for a side pool? It's a lot if you feel you are making a terrible investment. Backgammon players are not stoopid. We study odds and risk/reward all day long. I'm offering a chance to make a reasonable bet. That's what everyone wants, and that's what tournaments need to do more of if they expect to players to give them more action and keep coming back for more.

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