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Finish this sentence...

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Friday, 20 March 2015, at 12:52 a.m.

In Response To: Finish this sentence... (Jack Mack)

Computers have proven that there is skill in the doubling cube. It has proven mathematically that if you double or don't double, or pass or take at the wrong time you lose equity. This is match. This is logic backed up by fact. Any statement to the contrary is either ignoring the facts.

It is not possible to have a rational argument with an irrational statement. It is like trying to argue with someone who says the world is flat but refuses to look at the sunset, or pictures from space.

I do use the doubling cube when I play gin, golf, pool, and a few other games, and it has improved the game tremendously.

When I play poker, I can make a bet, which is similar to doubling. When I play bridge, if I think my opponent bid too much, I double.

When I have played backgammon without the cube, and I have played Tavla with Turkish friends, for money, it is a far less exciting and interesting game than with the cube.

I could accept an argument that someone likes the game better without the cube...I cannot argue with what a person likes or doesn't like, but I can't accept an argument that ignores fact.

Cube skill is very real and important whether you like using the cube or not, and when illogical statements like this are made, it discounts all the rest of the speaker's opinions. Would you listen to someone's opinions about science if they started out by telling you the world is flat?

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