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Suggestion for TD's

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Sunday, 22 March 2015, at 3:41 p.m.

I am about to go to a whole bunch of tournaments this year. Why? Because I love the competition and the people, and at a few I lecture or do the calcutta an that's fun. I also get to play with and spend time with many students. At larger tournaments I might have as many as a dozen or more current students at the event and a few previous ones. I am happy to stay that my students have all become friends...many close friends. So don't anyone think what I am about to say is negative...it is meant to be constructive.

I understand that we need to have an open, intermediate and novice division. This is a good thing, as people want to accumulate rankings and points for the ABT. But all the rest could certainly be varied more. Why does every tournament have the same masters, doubles, and usually blitzes? Why can't we have different side events and pre-and-after-tournaments events that are varied and interesting and fun?

How about a non-consulting doubles where each player moves without consulting from his partner? This is a true doubles game where each player contributes and I have played it many times, and it is really fun. We could even require teams of one open and one intermediate player. What about my all-time favorite: Backgammon-to-lose...one of the most challenging and fun variations ever invented? Why not a Nackgammon event?

Some tournaments do offer some fun and interesting side events. Some of the most fun we had last week at Bill's CSI was Liar's Dice and the Battle of the Sexes. Skunk dice is hilarious and challenging. Remember when we used to have a poker tournament or two...there's a lot of us who would love to plop down a hundred or two for a holdem' tournaments.

Rory's speedgammon is fantastic to play and watch.

Wisconsin has had challengegammon and canclegammon. Atlanta had a great chouette tournament.

San Antonio's Dual-Duel is an epic event.

Let's do more of these at more tournaments. I think it would be more fun for all and keep more people coming back.

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