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BGRoom Dispute - HUSH!

Posted By: ian dunstan
Date: Friday, 27 March 2015, at 11:37 a.m.

In Response To: BGRoom Dispute - HUSH! (svilo)

If people do not report cheaters, sites would have an excuse for not tracking cheaters.

A person reporting a cheater should never be wrong whatever his reasons to do it. A SITE failing to make a report to the fair play agency about a discovered cheater and proof thereof, should be banned. according to strict regulations. Equally strong as today's online gambling bans.



The site might not want to report cheaters. Why? Because they may be cheating us themselves.

The question I asked myself several years ago (before XG) when I analyzed several of my on-line opponents at one particular site and found them to be Gnubg 0-ply clones (I found 4 from memory).... was why 0-ply?

A 'player' on that site who was cheating and had the smarts to run such a program would most likely either go for optimum equity and run 2-ply or introduce some noise into GNUBG to try and hide themselves. No, they ALL just played perfect 0-ply!?

After sending numerous emails to the site in question showing clearly that I was being cheated and receiving a less than satisfactory response I came to the conclusion that the site was the one ripping me off! They must have figured that anyone playing for low stakes (as I was) wouldn't bother checking games/matches and they could install a few bogus low stakes bots to rake in some cash.

Do I have proof? No. I used to have the game files that show I was cheated, but that was 3 computers ago. The rest is conjecture.

FWIW, I am convinced from in my personal experiences to NEVER play on-line for money unless I know the player on the other end is 100% not a bot.

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