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Finish this sentence...

Posted By: Jack Mack
Date: Saturday, 28 March 2015, at 10:23 a.m.

In Response To: Finish this sentence... (Phil Simborg)

... "Computers have proven that there is skill in the doubling cube"...

We don't need computers to prove that there is such thing as a minimal cube skill but it's way too exaggerated and if used properly, computers would indeed prove that.

It had been repeatedly argued and thus far not refuted that if computers really applied cube skill, no cubeful match would last 2-3 rolls.

Check out the opening rolls pages on this very web site and see for yourself, as proven to you by none other than the stick himself.

But if you are all in collective denial, nothing will help. You won't even believe your own argument.

... "It has proven mathematically that if you double or don't double, or pass or take at the wrong time you lose equity"...

Proven? Amusing... :) It's all a pile of fancy based on biased rollouts and such, which in turn are based on arbitrary/biased calculations of equity...

... "I do use the doubling cube when I play gin, golf, pool, and a few other games, and it has improved the game tremendously"....

This statement can only be true if you can adjust your game towards creating positions where you could cube better.

But I don't think you mean that and I have never seen an argument that using the cube in any game leads to such an improvement of skill in those games.

What you mean is that you are getting better at estimating your equities in order to gamble more effectively with the cube.

This in no way means that you could play and win on those games when played without the gambling cube.

... "When I play poker, I can make a bet, which is similar to doubling. When I play bridge, if I think my opponent bid too much, I double"...

These are part of the game. Arbitrary raising of the pot has been suggested for backgammon many times (at least in higher forums like RGB). The subject is cubeful vs cubeless. As in cubeful poker vs cubeless poker or cubeful bridge vs cubeless bridge, etc.

... "Cube skill is very real and important whether you like using the cube or not, and when illogical statements like this are made, it discounts all the rest of the speaker's opinions."...

Nobody ever argued that there no cube skill at all, but that it's much less significant than what it's claimed to be by only a small number of people, namely gamblers who can't derive satisfaction from anything that is not increasingly self-punishing, whom you appear to speak for quite well.

You just need to realize that millions of people are clueles about the cube and yet are capable of immensely enjoying a backgammon game...

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