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Finish this senten new player--Stakes do matter

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Friday, 3 April 2015, at 10:57 p.m.

In Response To: Finish this senten new player--Stakes do matter (Stick)

i have a friend who is a MONSTER gambler at the craps table, he and Jordan go back almost 30 years. MJ bets it up no doubt, however when my friend is in action-MJ ain't the man. That's pretty scary.

I was the "arm" just throwing the dice one night(lots actually) for this story one.

I said "I feel good let me throw the dice"

Friend to the box man "Dump the bowl" "$300 across-working on the comeout, 50 on the line" that in thousands BTW. i dont recall the odds I think 5X everywhere-not sure.

Stickman "Bets set, dice out"

I carefully position the dice(I have never thrown the dice betting my own money) I threw a 5 "No field 5"

Dice come back to me-same thing set them up carefully-"7 out, line in, pay the last comes and donts" with the put bet, line bet, board lit up(bases loaded), the whole thing was about $375,000 in less than a minute gone.

My friend looks at me "Don't worry buddy its only money"

I replied "that's the last time I throw the dice for you"

"no it aint"

I had added it up, I was ahead right at 900K throwing the dice for him over the previous month, i wanted that million $ win so bad.

He broke even that night, most I saw him win was $5M in 20 minutes once a few weeks later. He has had bigger wins.

Remember I said I'd never throw the dice? 7 years later at Rivers Casino-the Chicago boys know where i'm talking about, I threw the dice for him again. he Blew $36,000 that night $30K he had and $6K I loaned him. a far cry from the million $ nights in Vegas we used to have. However he will be back, he is building a monster biz and when he sells it, short the casino stocks, he will play until they shut the lights off(that's happened to him twice).

Living in Vegas all those years, i seen it all, or did it.

I never bet hi in casinos, in pool I will, in BG someday when i play better

hope you liked the gambling story, its 100% true. 7out line in-hurt and it wasnt my $

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