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Finish this senten new player--Stakes do matter

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Sunday, 5 April 2015, at 1:16 a.m.

In Response To: Finish this senten new player--Stakes do matter (Michael Sullivan)

You are correct that being in 6N as opposed to 7C did cost us money....but it's money that we could have won, not money that we lost. Unlike duplicate bridge where if you bid and make 6N and you should have bid 7 you not only don't win points, you lose points based on how many other teams got to the right contract.

However, it is important to know this when you play for money: when you are blessed with a great hand you do not and should not gamble. You don't try really hard to make overtricks, because just making the contract is worth a lot of money. And you rarely bid 7, even if you think you probably can make 7, because bidding and making 6 is worth a lot of money and the incremental difference is not worth the risk unless you are very confident of the bid.

We were playing "Chicago style" at the time: first hand no one vul, second hand just E/W, third hand just N/S and forth hand both, and there are partials. So making the bid is huge, even if you pass up making what could have been a higher bid, so long as you bid game or small slam.

How sick would it be to bid 7 and go down one when you could have easily made 6. It's really not the same as duplicate.

And yes, you are right, we did have hands that won over $100,000. And I had no risk on the downside and a small percentage of the upside. Why would we play for such crazy stakes? Because we were playing very wealthy people who we knew for years from our country club, and we knew they were not cheaters, would pay if they lose, and we also knew we were far better players.

Turns out that after three sessions they would not play us anymore because they realized how good we were.

A week after our last session my brother and I bought an investment building using the money we won as a down payment....we were going to have partners to help us fund the deal but the bridge money allowed us to do it on our own. We still own that building to this day and it has been a wonderful investment for my brother and my ex-wife.

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