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How do we promote the game?

Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Friday, 10 April 2015, at 12:18 a.m.

I don't think we promote the game -- no, I know we don't -- by making all types of claims, unfounded and not; spewing all types of personally directed invective; and hanging all of our dirty laundry in public forums.

I wasn't at the Nordic -- nor were most opining here on the Super JP circumstance. I'm not even sure if some of those who were in attendance actually witnessed the event in question.

The three principals -- Steen, Victor, and Jason -- seem to be in general agreement that it was not that big a deal. That's enough for me. Why do we have to go off on these gutter brawls where everyone and everything, including the game, end up dirty?

I've never met Steen, I know of him by his reputation as a very experienced, capable director. He seems to have made a routine, logical, reasoned ruling. He did not feel any further action was required. Good enough for me. I know Victor well, I know Jason casually. Both, from their initial posts, seem to think the circumstance subsequently has been blown out of all proportion.

Sure, there are a few bad actors in backgammon; there are occasional cases (more frequent than any of us like) of egregious behavior in backgammon. (I'm not necessarily referring to this event nor any of those involved.) As our federations and associations become better organized and stronger, I'm confident avenues of authority to address such will be formalized. In the interim, directors and peer pressure must govern behavior. Here, the director of one of the world's largest and most prestigious tournaments resolved the issue and dismissed the behavior. I am confident, were more merited, he would have acted in the best interest of the tournament.

All of us must look at the bigger picture. How do those entering, and contemplating entering, the backgammon tournament world look at these posts? How do potential sponsors look at these posts? How do many of us, seasoned members of the backgammon community, look at these posts? I do with dismay.

Let's define what needs to be corrected, and address the solutions in private discussions and acts. Let's put aside, from public consumption, personal animosities and grievances. Let's do it for the game.

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