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Finish this sentence...

Posted By: Jack Mack
Date: Monday, 20 April 2015, at 2:37 a.m.

In Response To: Finish this sentence... (Keene)

> Care to play for some reasonable stakes Jack? I think I could probably
: demonstrate some skill in using the cube, I could probably make some
: occasionally good decisions based on cube position too. Perhaps (and
: this is pushing it), I might even be able to demonstrate how some of
: those biased rollouts impact play and also that a cubeful match could
: last more than 2-3 rolls. But this is all a big maybe for me.

If anyone wanted to respond to what I had argued, I would have expected them to do this:

1- Look up what "cubeful rollout" means 2- Go to a page (like stick's) where they have posted "cubeful rollouts"

for opening moves 3- Pick an opening or a second turn move after which Player-A loses (or

Player-B gains) equity, meaning is less or more likely to win 4- Do a one last check that the rollout settings are such to produce a

"meaningful" result 5- Now, Player-B being a bot (any bot of any strength of your choice),

and being on roll playing against itself, try to make a coherent and

logical argument why it should not double and why its opponent, bot

Player-A should not drop 6- If you need help with it, ask the so-called "giants", bot developers,

book publishers, etc. to pitch in

Unless you or any one of them can offer a valid counter argument, daring me to play for money, etc. is totally worthless, especially when I have not even claimed to be a strong player, nor am I a masochistic gambler.

Just as many others have been doing, I am only arguing as a theoretician.

I do feel pity for people who think they will win the lotto by playing their lucky telephone, social security, birthday, etc. numbers or who will win against backgammon hustlers by using their cube skills... :(

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