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Finish this sentence...Long pool story-OT, no BG

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2015, at 5:30 p.m.

In Response To: Finish this sentence... (ChanningW)

i been watching Efren before he was popular, i was in Hardtimes(big time pool room) in 88, he was giving a guy 12/4-a solid player 12/4, (that's like spotting the cube and laying 3-1 on the $ to put into perspective for BG players-holding a guy to 3 balls and making 12 is almost impossible) I was the only rail bird watching. I watched him run 15 & out on the guy(he shot the last 3 balls in when the losing player was going over to his backer for more $)

To put it into perspective I've ran 12 & out 2 times in my life-i've only played onepocket 6 years seriously. 11 & out more times than I can count. 15 is hard because balls get tied up in clusters, Efren can run 15's all day. He can get to the problem balls and get them into play better than anyone. Or see shots nobody ever would think of, its a thing of beauty.

I knew then Efren was something special, VERY special. his 9ball game was solid, he cant break 9ball (lacks the power) so he was never considered one of the greats of that game. Nobody else really noticed just how good he was, I did. I could see he was light years ahead of anyone, maybe because i have zero talent for pool and came up slower than most people. i never reached the status of a great player. I'm well known, and play good but nothing special.

I took a couple years off the pool scene, came back and Efren was a star, cant get a seat to watch him play, I saw his talent 10 years prior. now they have tee shirts "What would Efren Do?" the whole bit. Good for Efren, he deserves it.

In most cases the greatest one pocket players are born not made, I was foolish and decided to wait until I was 40 to play 1P seriously, I watched the greatest players for 22 years before i took it up.

I dont know how long it took Efren to learn to play 1P as good as he does, the creativity he has never been achieved by anyone else in 1P.

I could go on and on with specific stories about shots that looked like a accident and 2 racks later he shoots the same "accidental" game winning shot that nobody has ever seen, he plays great 3 cushion billiards, Rotation in the Pi. 9 and 10 ball are his worst games and he is still a champion.

Most gifted person to hold a cue period. Solid nice family guy, I met him in 86 or 87 in Reno, he came to Huston and played Buddy Hall in 85(his first time in America) Buddy won by a hair at Reds in Huston Texas-I wasnt there. At that time Buddy was the man to beat, Efren was tired, thats the story I remember,

oh yeah he won the big 1P tourney this year in Louisville while SA was going on. I was up there for a few days before SA.

More pool stories later, not to many as I dont want to go to far off topic

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